Products & Services

With the increasing popularity of connected vehicle technologies more and more on-board navigation devices and apps need M2M (Machine to Machine) access to road-side information. Road-side information such as traffic lights and Changable Message Signs(CMS) help drivers travel more safely and conveniently.

IISI launched InVignal products in response to the needs of smart transportation applications. Based on our ITS experiences and expertise InVignal is designed to facilitate the communication between vehicles and road-side devices to ensure safe and easy travel. In-vehicle signal service utilizes urban traffic management knowledge to predict and publish accurate traffic light status and countdown. Virtual CMS service enables traffic control center to publish traffic information to drivers and guide traffic away from congested roads.

Use Cases


  • Navigation device manufacturer and logistic fleet operators can buid-in InVignal service to display signal and traffic information in vehicle and prompt drivers to avoid incident and congested roads.

Advanced Safety

  • Car manufacturer can improve driving safety with ADAS and InVignal by alerting drivers according to the status and countdown of the traffic lights ahead

  • Sensor fusion of InVignal data with image, lidar, 5G and DSRC technologies enables L1-L5 autonomous vehicles to precisely perceive the surrounding road conditions.

Traffic Management

  • Virtual CMS service enables traffic control center to publish location-based traffic information and traffic guidance strategies.

  • We provide innovative traffic management value-added services. By replacing hardware implementation with information technology cost can be reduced and efficiency can be improved.


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